Saturday, September 30, 2006

The Candidates for Secretary-General of the United Nations

The interests of humankind are best served by supporting leaders who embrace Western values: promoting democracy, advocating human rights, ensuring equality for women, protecting children, fighting ethnic discrimination, etc. Based on that criteria, we evaluate the nations represented by certain candidates campaigning to become secretary-general of the United Nations (UN).

Ban Ki-moon is currently the frontrunner for the post. He hails from South Korea and represents a society that (1) is ardently anti-American, (2) despises non-Koreans, (3) believes that blood should determine the value of a person, and (4) devalues women. The Korean educational system teaches Korean youth to hate Americans, and Korean parents teach their children to despise non-Koreans. Despite this hatred, the majority of Korean orphans who are adopted join ethnically non-Korean families in the West, and the majority of Westerners who adopt Korean orphans are Americans. A typical Korean views anyone outside of his blood relatives to be inferior: this disgusting kind of thinking is the primary reason that most Korean orphans who are adopted find homes in the West, not Korea.

Korea is a democracy, but being a democracy does not mean that it is a Western nation. Indeed, Korean values assault not only Western sensibilities but also global sensibilities like those in the UN. The UN is a home to many nations of peoples who do not have Korean blood, and the typical Korean views them with haughty condempt.

What most disqualifies a Korean from becoming secretary-general of the UN is the fact that Koreans devalue women. Koreans frequently utilize abortions aborting female fetuses. The result is that, at birth, the sex ratio is 1.10 boys for each girl. By contrast, the sex ratio in both Canada and Sweden is 1.05, which is normal. [1]

Washington, London, and Paris should veto the election of Ban to the leadership of the UN.

The second prominent candidate for the top post at the UN is Shashi Tharoor. He represents India. Like Korea, India is a democracy but is not a Western nation. The Indians reject the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPT) and have aggressively developed nuclear weapons. New Delhi gave Washington an ultimatum: the Indians will support the strategic American objectives of promoting democracy and human rights if and only if Washington (1) gives nuclear technology to India and (2) agrees to greatly increase the number of Indian laborers (in the form of H-1B workers) that are allowed to enter the United States. Washington agreed to the terms of the ultimatum. The Americans will now violate the NPT (which Washington signed) by giving nuclear technology to India: catering to Indian ruthlessness drastically undermines American attempts to prevent the Iranians from developing a nuclear bomb. [2]

Equally egregious is the foisting of Indian economic problems onto the United States. The Indians continue to maintain laws that inhibit the creation of a free market, which would have provided ample jobs and wealth for all Indians. For example, numerous laws severely restrict foreign investment or foreign ownership in many industries: insurance, aviation, coal-mining, media, retailing, etc. The Indians knowingly and deliberately destroy the wealth of their society and then force their unemployed or underemployed masses onto the United States. [3]

What most disqualifies an Indian from becoming secretary-general of the UN is the fact that Indians devalue women. Indians frequently utilize abortion or infanticide that targets baby girls. The result is that, among children under the age of seven, the sex ratio is 1.08 boys for each girl. The normal sex ratio is 1.05, which both Japan and the United States have. Further, after reaching adulthood, "[Indian] women whose families have failed to stump up a sufficient dowry still get killed and disfigured." [4][5]

Washington, London, and Paris should veto the election of Tharoor to the leadership of the UN. Neither South Korea nor India deserves to lead the UN.

With one exception, the remaining candidates for the top post at the UN also represent failed or grossly defective societies. Ashraf Ghani represents Afghanistan. Prince Zeid Raad Zeid al-Hussein represents Jordan. Surakiart Sathirathai represents Thailand.

The exception in this field of unacceptable choices is Vaira Vike-Freiberga. She represents the nation of Latvia. After living under Sovet oppression for about 50 years, the Latvians declared independence in 1991. In the ensuing 15 years, they built a prosperous, liberal democracy that firmly embraces Western values. [6][7] Latvia, like the rest of Eastern Europe, is the gold standard by which underdeveloped nations (which comprise the bulk of the UN) should modernize.

Washington, London, Paris, and other Western governments should firmly support the election of Vike-Freiberga to the position of secretary-general of the UN. Vaira Vike-Freiberga will steer the United Nations toward strengthening the very Western values that affirm our humanity.

1. The essay, "The Candidates for Secretary-General of the United Nations", was published in 2006 September.
2. According to a report issued by "The Washington Post" in 2007 October, Ban Ki-moon has given preferential treatment to Korean citizens by assigning them to many key posts in the United Nations. [8]
2. In an essay published by the "Financial Times" on 2009 May 18, Gideon Rachman wrote, "The British public, currently hyperventilating about expenses fiddles in the UK parliament, might be interested to know that 128 of the 543 members of the last Indian parliament had faced criminal charges or investigations, including 83 cases of murder." [9]

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Anonymous said...

I have never even heard of Latvia?
Is that a country? A country of the size of a small hedgefund probably! Come on, we cannot have someone from an unknown country to represent UN!

Sohail said...

Very disappointing article. I came across your blog and was impressed by your views, until I came across this article. You have absolutely NO idea of what is happening in India. Yes, India has nuclear weapons, but so does Pakistan. Remember them? So you have a problem giving India nuclear technology for CIVILIAN purposes, but you will fund a dictatorial regime with nuclear weapons. Hypocritical, no?

Moreover, the Indian government is not stupid. In the last 17 years, they have opened up the economy from the socialist system it followed before, but as the saying goes, 'Rome was not built in a day', so the country merely needs time to reform the economy, something which is happening regularly.

But the stupidest thing I have read in a while is that Shashi Tharoor should not have been allowed to become the SG because India does not respect women. Please show me the connection between Shashi Tharoor and discrimination against women? In that regard, we should only choose Americans to the UN. They must represent the values of democracy and equality completely. After all, their male:female ratio is 0.02 below India. Makes all the difference, right?

Anonymous said...

This man is pure racist evil like Hitler himself.

Anonymous said...

Dude, who gave you you Phd? Are you kidding?? '

Did you know Latvia suffered the biggest hit from the financial crisis - it's economy contracted 10% and unemployment is 16%! That's some emulation of the west!
I cannot belv we have such asses on this planet!