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Tuesday, February 06, 2018

Immigrants from South Asia

The overwhelming majority of South Asians — like Sundar Pichai (CEO of Google) and Satya Nadella (CEO of Microsoft) — who came to the United States are members of already wealthy families in their native lands overseas. [1] Consider Indians. Before coming to our country, they often already received a college education in India, where many people are still impoverished and illiterate. These elites come to the United States because they want to obtain lucrative jobs in order to become even wealthier.

Such Indians believe that Indian culture is better than Western culture. (Since they enjoy lives of privilege in India, why would they think otherwise?) They refuse to assimilate into Western society, retain their Indian names, and give Indian names to their children. Such anti-Western immigrants favor celebrating Diwali festival instead of Christmas. They inculcate their children with the anti-Western notion that Indian culture is superior to Western culture.

What is the mentality of immigrants who do assimilate into Western society? Consider the father of Daniel Inouye. Before Daniel Inouye departed for the training camp of the U.S. Army, his father told him, "America has been good to us. It has given me two jobs. It has given you and your sisters and brothers education. We all love this country. Whatever you do, do not dishonor your country. Remember –- never dishonor your family. And if you must give your life, do so with honor." [2]

Who is Daniel Inouye? He is a former senator from Hawaii. His attitude and the attitude of his father toward American society were common among many immigrants who came from Japan and Europe in the first 65 years of the 20th century. [12]

Such a pro-Western attitude does not exist among the millions of more recent immigrants and opportunists (who came to the United States by directly enrolling in an American university) from South Asia. Consider Sikhs from India. With assistance from the Sikh Coalition, they used lawsuits to demand that the Department of Defense (DOD) allow them to maintain a beard and to wear a turban. [3] [4] [5] [6] Consequently, the DOD granted the Sikhs permission to maintain this aspect of their native culture at the expense of Western culture. [8] [9] [10] [11] Additional Sikhs with assistance from (again) the Sikh Coalition are now demanding that the United States Military Academy stop requiring them to wear the traditional, ceremonial hat during military parades. [7]

South Asians view ordinary Americans of European (or East Asian) ancestry with arrogance and scorn. When South Asians run companies in Silicon Valley, they clamor for H-1B visas even when there are thousands of unemployed, ordinary Americans who are ready to work.

The presence of South Asians damages Western society.

1. "A model minority: How Indians triumphed in America", "The Economist", 2016 November 26.
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11. Corey Dickstein, "More bearded, turbaned Sikhs join Army as Pentagon reviews religious articles ban", 2017 February 24.
12. In an op-ed published by KQED Radio, Misa Sugiura stated that her parents embraced assimilation into Western society. "When my parents came to America in the late 60s, they came prepared to embrace a brand new life. Instead of a trunk full of old Japanese holiday traditions, they came with an empty calendar to fill with new American ones." This attitude differs starkly from the attitude of the typical South Asian.

Thursday, January 18, 2018

Preferential Treatment for Hispanics

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), a program in the executive branch of the American government, allows the children (who are not American citizens) of illegal aliens to legally reside and work in the the United States. According to data provided by the Pew Research Center, Hispanics (from Latin America) constitute approximately 98% of the participants in DACA. According to a report by "National Review", 72% of them have lived in the United States for 10 years.

While Hispanic illegal aliens were helping their children to illegally enjoy the privilege of living for 10+ years in the United States, many faceless and nameless children in, say, Vietnam were languishing in poverty and overall misery during the same 10+ years because their Vietnamese parents respect American laws and were waiting in line to enter the United States.

The ill-gotten privilege of living in this country for 10+ years is not enough for these Hispanics. They want even more preferential treatment. They now loudly demand a path to American citizenship, according to a report by Politico and a report by "The Washington Post". Yielding to this demand for preferential treatment, many politicians support legislation which gives American citizenship to Hispanic participants in DACA, according to a report by "The Economist".

Allowing the children of Hispanic illegal aliens to permanently stay in the United States is grossly unfair to Asians (and Europeans). Millions of impoverished people in Vietnam (and Eastern Europe), for example, want to bring their children to the United States but wait in line for years.

Hispanics cut in front of the immigration line, shoving Asians to the end of the line.

Furthermore, Hispanics receive preferential treatment via affirmative action (AA) in education and employment. According to a report by CNN, an American of Asian ancestry must score roughly 270 points higher than a Hispanic, on the Scholastic Aptitude Test, in order for the admissions committee (of Princeton University) to give the Asian equal consideration with the Hispanic.

Hispanics cut in front of the education line, shoving Asian-Americans to the end of the line.

Hispanics expect, demand, and receive preferential treatment from most politicians. Why are Hispanics so bigoted?

In New York City, the Specialized High School Institute (SHSI) prepares economically disadvantaged children to take the admissions test for entering specialized high schools (SHS) like the Bronx High School of Science. According to a report by the "New York Times" and a report by the "New York Post", the city government had prohibited the admission of Asian-Americans or European-Americans into SHSI in order to give preferential treatment to Africans and Hispanics. Assisted by a public-interest law firm, some Asian-American parents successfully used a lawsuit to force the government to open SHSI admissions to Asians and Europeans in 2008. Afterwards, Africans, Hispanics, and their political accomplices began scheming to reduce Asian and European enrollment in SHS, according to a report by the "New York Post".

Monday, January 01, 2018

Savagery of Africans and Middle Easterners in France

According to a report by the "Daily Express", a report by "The Daily Mail", a report by "The Mirror", a report by "The Sun", and a report by Fox News, a policewoman and her supervisor went to a house in Champigny-sur-Marne (which is southeast of Paris) to investigate a disturbance on January 1. Upon arriving at the house, the 2 police officers were savagely beaten by a horde of Africans and Middle Easterners. After the policewoman collapsed to the ground, the thugs tried to repeatedly kick her head. In the above photo, the officer is sobbing loudly and is desperately trying to protect her head from the relentless blows.

BFM TV in France has posted a video clip on YouTube.

The French now understand the savagery that Americans of Asian or European ancestry have endured at the hands of Africans and Hispanics in the United States. The latter 2 groups commit approximately 63% of all murders. [1]

The primary cause of this savagery is not poverty. Consider the data that the World Bank provides about gross domestic product (GDP) and intentional homicide. According to the data for 2011, Mexico has a GDP per capita of $15,923 (at purchasing-power parity), and Vietnam has a GDP per capita of $4,716. Yet, the Mexicans commit murder at the rate of 22.6 per 100,000 people, and the Vietnamese commit murder at the rate of 1.5 per 100,000 people. In other words, a typical Mexican has 3.4 times the wealth of a typical Vietnamese but has 15 times his likelihood of committing murder.

The primary cause of African, Hispanic, and Middle-Eastern savagery is culture and genetics.

1. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) provides statistics about the number of arrests for murder. The percentages of arrests (for murder) for various ethnicities or races approximately equals the percentages of murders committed by the corresponding ethnicities or races. So, Africans commit about 52% of all murders in the United States, and Hispanics commit about 22%. Both percentages include thugs who consider themselves to be simultaneously African and Hispanic. An in-depth analysis of such statistics is provided by theclearsky.blogspot.com .

Thursday, December 14, 2017

Bloc Voting by Africans and Hispanics

According to a report by "The Economist" wrote, Doug Jones won the special election to fill the seat of Jefferson Sessions (who became the Attorney General) in the Senate.

According to another report by "The Economist", "Black voters, who usually comprise around a quarter of Alabama’s electorate, turned out in droves. Exit polls suggest they made up 29%, and that Mr Jones won 96% of their votes."

Africans and Hispanics consistently vote as a bloc typically to get preferential treatment (e.g., affirmative action) from political candidates. Also, Africans and Hispanics prefer candidates who have, respectively, African or Hispanic ancestry. This voting pattern has altered the character of the United States.

By contrast, Americans of European ancestry (and, to a lesser extent, Asian ancestry) do not vote as a bloc. They look at various sides of important issues before casting a vote for a political candidate, and if 2 candidates have similar political positions, European-Americans roughly evenly split their votes for them. European-Americans do not seek preferential treatment and do oppose using ancestry as a criteria for supporting a candidate.

The Democratic primaries in 2008 are instructive. During an interview conducted by CNN, a Democratic strategist noted that the political positions of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama were nearly identical. Yet, roughly 80% of the votes from African-Americans went to Obama. The Africans clearly voted as a bloc — and on the basis of skin color.

By contrast, European-Americans roughly evenly split their votes between Clinton and Obama. The demographic breakdown reported by the "New York Times" for California is typical for the votes in the Democratic primaries. Bloc voting by Africans explains why Clinton lost the Democratic nomination for president in 2008.

The voting pattern of Africans and Hispanics is a stark warning to the French, the Germans, and other Europeans. African or Middle-Eastern immigrants (in Europe) and their descendants also vote as a bloc typically to get preferential treatment. After their percentage of the overall population reaches 20%, their behavior will permanently alter the character of the European nations.

In an interview conducted by National Public Radio (NPR), a Hispanic voter stated, "I think it's gonna basically deflate Donald Trump and I think this race – my crystal ball is a little foggy but I think it's gonna come down to the two Cubans, Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio, and I think one of them will be our nominee this summer. And as a young, Latino conservative, I'm very, very excited about that." Like Africans, this Hispanic voter unabashedly advocates using ancestry as a criteria for supporting a political candidate.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Gender Gap in Information Technology

In an essay published by "The Economist", the writer deliberately aggregates the data for all ethnic and racial groups and then alleges that cultural or other barriers prevent women from becoming workers in information technology (IT).

That abuse of statistics hides an important fact: the percentage of East-Asian-American women [1] in IT is above their percentage in the overall population. 1.42% of the American population are East-Asian women, according to data by the Pew Research Center and data by the U.S. Census Bureau. In a typical computer-science class at elite universities like MIT, the percentage of East-Asian-American women is much greater than 1.42%.

Barriers to entry into IT simply do not exist nowadays for women. American women of East-Asian ancestry easily enter IT.

Women of other racial and ethnic groups just dislike the hard work (at the university and, after graduation, in the workplace) that is necessary for IT. So, such women avoid IT.

Despite the above facts, the administrators at some universities create agendas to increase the percentage of women in IT. Harvey Mudd College is one such university; in its computer-science program, the percentage of women rose dramatically from 15% in 2006 to 55% in 2016. This startling increase may be due to weakening the program for technology-averse non-East-Asian women. Once a political agenda to increase women exists, professors become inclined to grade the work of their female students more leniently than the professors grade the work of their male students.

Note that East-Asian-American women succeeded before the existence of any major political agenda to increase the percentage of women. Such women succeeded due to the strong emphasis on education and hard work in East-Asian families in the United States.

Women of other ethnic and racial groups value education and hard work less than East-Asian women. That is the real explanation for the low percentage of women in IT.

1. East Asia comprises Japan, Korea, China, and Vietnam.

Wednesday, August 02, 2017

Striking Hard Against Affirmative Action

According to a report by the "New York Times", a report by Reuters, and a report by "The Washington Post", Attorney General Jefferson Sessions will establish a project, within the Department of Justice (DOJ), to investigate universities that use affirmative action (AA). The intent of this project is to sue universities that use AA to discriminate against Americans of Asian or European ancestry.

Under intense political pressure from Africans and Hispanics, universities have long used AA to reduce the number of Asian admittees in order to give their admission slots to African and Hispanic applicants. According to a report by CNN, "An Asian-American student has to score [...] 270 points higher than a Hispanic student and 450 points higher than a black student on the SAT to be on equal footing."

The use of AA at the 8 Ivy League colleges prevented Austin Jia, an Asian, from being admitted to Harvard University, Princeton University, Columbia University, and the University of Pennsylvania, according to a report by the "New York Times". Jia had a high grade point average (GPA), nearly perfect SAT scores, and participation in numerous extracurricular activities: debate team, tennis captain, and state orchestra.

By stark contrast, the use of AA at the Ivy League colleges enabled Kwasi Erin, an African, to receive an admission slot to Harvard University, Yale University, Brown University, Columbia University, University of Pennsylvania, Dartmouth University, Princeton University, and Cornell University, according to a report by CNN. Knowing the unfair preferential treatment that he received via AA, Erin had the audacity to publicly brag about his admission to all 8 Ivy League colleges.

According to a report by the "South China Morning Post", Americans of Asian ancestry vehemently oppose the very AA that gave Erin an unfair advantage in admissions to the elite universities. According to a report by Fox News, the Asian American Legal Foundation supports the effort by the DOJ to sue universities that discriminate against Asians and Europeans.

Will Sessions succeed at legally forcing Stanford University and other elite universities to stop discriminating against Americans of Asian or European ancestry?

Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Open Borders

According to a report published by "The Economist", "Both Mrs May and Mr Corbyn would each in their own way step back from [...] open borders [...]."

"Open borders" is tantamount to national suicide. Some ethnic or racial groups lack either the intellect or the will to assimilate into Western society. Via "open borders", members of such groups enter the West. Their presence ruins the quality of life.

Here are 2 examples.

On April 22, a group of approximately 50 African and Hispanic youths seized a light-rail train in Oakland (United States), assaulted the passengers, and stole their money and other possessions, according to an essay published by the "Santa Monica Observer".

On June 3, a group of 2 Moroccans and 1 Pakistani drove their van into a group of pedestrians in London (Great Britain). The thugs left the van and used knives to stab customers in nearby bars and restaurants. An eyewitness stated, "a woman probably in her early 20s staggered into the pub and she was bleeding heavily from the neck and from her mouth. It appeared to myself and my friends that her throat had been cut.", according to a report published by "The Washington Post". Detailed information about the background of the 3 thugs is available in a report published by "The Telegraph".

We should immediately close the borders of all Western countries and restrict entry to only immigrants who will assimilate into Western society.

Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Criminality of Immigrants

According to a report by "The Hill", "immigrants commit crimes and are incarcerated at a much lower rate than U.S. citizens, according to two separate studies released this week."

That statement is misleading due to an abuse of statistics. Any sociological assertion must present results by ethnicity and race because differences in culture and genetics produce starkly different behaviors.

The report mentions 2 studies. The first study was done by The Sentencing Project. This study should be ignored because it avoids presenting the results by ethnicity and race.

The second study was done by the Cato Institute. This study presents results by ethnicity and race and is worthy of our consideration.

The Cato Institute shows that immigrants are incarcerated at a lower rate than natives for each ethnicity or race.

Yet, the study also shows that Hispanic illegal aliens are incarcerated at 1.4 times and 2.5 times the rate at which European-American natives and Asian-American natives, respectively, are incarcerated for crimes. In other words, the presence of Hispanic illegal aliens increases the crime rate in communities of European-Americans or Asian-Americans.

Also, Africans and Hispanics of the 2nd and later generations are incarcerated at a much higher rate than (1) Africans and Hispanics of the 1st generation (i.e., the immigrant generation) and (2) Asians and Europeans of all generations. Africans and Hispanics who are immigrants fear being deported back to the inferior countries created by their native cultures. So, these people behave properly upon entry into the United States. The 2nd generation of Africans and Hispanics are safe from deportation, so they behave improperly and become criminals.

Both Africans and Hispanics are less likely to assimilate (into Western culture) than Europeans and Asians. Uncontrolled immigration from Latin America threatens the United States.

1. According to a report by "The Economist", "[In Chicago,] Mexicans are by far the biggest group, accounting for about 80% of the city’s 803,000 Hispanics. Puerto Ricans are the second-biggest group, followed by a medley of Central Americans. ... Gangs, which have tens of thousands of members, are omnipresent in Latino neighbourhoods."
2. This essay was updated on 2018 December 12.

Monday, March 06, 2017

Marine Le Pen and Multicultural Pluralism

According to a report by "The Economist", "local opponents accuse [the mayor of Cogolin] of financing his development plans in 'opaque' ways and an 'ideological' hostility to cultural diversity, such as North African songs or dances in schools."

Whenever a reporter writes words like "African", "Hispanic", or "Middle Easterner", he usually also writes a defense of or praise for "cultural diversity" or "multicultural pluralism". This phenomenon appears on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

We must be honest with ourselves. Western culture and Western civilization are superior to all other cultures and civilizations. The proof of this fact appears in Japan. Its people embraced Westernization and transformed their island into one of the richest nations in the world.

By contrast, the peoples in African nations, Middle-Eastern nations, and Hispanic nations (in Latin America) reject Westernization, and those nations are economically poor, have high rates of violent crime, or have authoritarian societies. That is the ugly truth of non-Western civilizations. [1]

Marine Le Pen, like Donald Trump, repeatedly asserts that Western values are superior to African, Middle-Eastern, or Hispanic values. She is asserting the truth.

She deserves the utmost praise for speaking truth to elitist power.

Africans and Hispanics in the United States reject assimilation and demand special privileges that are denied to Americans of Asian or European ancestry. According to a report by the "Los Angeles Times", Africans (and, to a lesser degree, Hispanics) are over-represented among students who use willful defiance to disrupt the meeting of a class. Under political pressure from African and Hispanic organizations, the school boards in the Los Angeles Unified School District and other districts have terminated the use of suspension (or any other punishment) for forcing the disrupters to behave properly.

According to a report by the "New York Times", Africans and Hispanics are over-represented among students who fail a literacy test for employment as a teacher in elementary and secondary schools. Under pressure from African and Hispanic organizations, the Board of Regents of New York terminated the use of the literacy test.