Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Post-election Reality in Ukraine

The results of the recent election in Ukraine indicate that the next parliament will be dominated by pro-Western politicians. How can they Westernize Ukraine?

First, the legislators should accept the fact that the territory controlled by the pro-Russian separatists is permanently lost. The prime minister must not waste any national resources on recovering that territory. Any available national resources should be used to improve the economy.

Second, the legislators must immediately enact all reforms requested or recommended by the European Union or the International Monetary Fund. The most important objective is to modernize the economy.

Third, the legislators should create a business-friendly environment for Western companies like Toyota and Mitsubishi. They can provide the jobs that many Ukrainians need. Before such companies are willing to establish a major presence in Ukraine, Kiev must provide an efficient bureaucracy, honest judges, etc.

How can we commoners in the West help the Ukrainians? We can create pressure on the Russians. Many universities in the West have numerous Russian students (of whom some have parents who work in the Kremlin). On the 15th day of each month, we should assemble in the most public area of such universities and loudly ask these Russian students, "Why are you silent when Russian soldiers invade Ukraine and kill its citizens? Why are you silent?" We should draw attention to these Russians and embarrass them.

We can start by locating the two daughters of President Vladimir Putin and creating a hostile environment for both of them.

Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chinese Indifference Toward Democracy

According to a report by "The Economist" and another report by the "Wall Street Journal", progress on building democracy in Hong Kong has been slow.

The citizens of a territory -- a special administration region or a full-blown country -- can achieve democracy without bloodshed when the overwhelming majority of them support that goal. Such is the case in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.

Such is not the case in Hong Kong. Its wealthy citizens like the benefits of democracy. Indeed, these Hong Kongers emigrate to the West or send their adult children to the West to study in college and to obtain permanent jobs there. However, these same Hong Kongers refuse to support democracy in Hong Kong.

There is hypocrisy in Chinese society.

If you are a pro-democracy Hong Konger, you are in the minority. What can you do?

You should use violence against, specifically, the Chinese government and, generally, Chinese society.

At the same time, you should support Western efforts to suspend all immigration from Hong Kong (and the rest of Chinese society in China, Taiwan, etc.) to the West. By denying rich Hong Kongers entry to the West, you can force them to suffer the brutality of Chinese rule (in Hong Kong). Then, they will understand the need for supporting democracy.

Friday, September 12, 2014

Fighting the Russians

According to a recent report by "The Economist", before Kiev could defeat the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, Russian troops entered Ukraine and turned the tide of battle. The Kremlin has created a frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Western governments refuse to give modern weapons to Kiev. Instead, the West has resorted to economic sanctions. Although they may have an effect in the long term, they are ineffective in the short term. The Kremlin has shrugged them off and continues to foment chaos in eastern Ukraine.

Kiev should not expect any substantial help from the West. The Ukrainians must fend for themselves.

The Ukrainians can ally with Islamic extremists in Russia and help them to terrorize the Russian population. They refuse to be ruled by the Kremlin and want an independent Islamic nation to be carved out of the existing Russian territory. At the same time, the Ukrainians refuse to be ruled by the Kremlin and want an independent Ukraine. The 2 goals are similar.

Both goals can be achieved only by killing enough Russians. At the moment, few Russians feel the horror of war, so they enthusiastically support President Vladimir Putin as he sends Russian troops into eastern Ukraine. By helping the Islamic extremists to kill Russians in unexpected places (e.g., shopping malls and move theaters), Kiev can bring the horror of war from eastern Ukraine into the lives of ordinary Russians. When hundreds of Russians die daily (due to, say, suicide bombers), they will lose the stomach to maintain a military presence in Ukraine.

Monday, September 01, 2014

Beijing Suppresses Democracy in Hong Kong

According to a report by the "Wall Street Journal", Beijing has declared that in future elections for the chief executive of Hong Kong, its voters must choose only candidates that are approved by a pro-Beijing committee.

Although some Hong Kongers object to this formula for electing the chief executive, most residents of the city support the formula. Indeed, in 1997, they participated in parties cheering the return of Hong Kong to authoritarian Chinese rule.

By contrast, the East Europeans, who eventually created prosperous democracies, never cheered authoritarian rule. These people risked their lives to condemn and fight the authoritarian governments imposed by the Kremlin. The courage of the East Europeans eventually transformed Poland and other Eastern European countries into Western democracies.

The Chinese differ culturally and genetically from the Europeans and will surely continue to suppress democracy. The Chinese have done so for centuries.

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Building a New Ukraine

According to a recent report by the "Wall Street Journal", the war in eastern Ukraine has damaged the national economy.

Regardless of the final outcome of this war, its cost in blood and treasure is high. Thousands of Ukrainian soldiers and civilians will have permanent mental and physical scars. The money that Kiev spent on the war will not be available for improving the economic infrastructure.

In order for Ukraine to prosper after the war, the following actions must occur.

The Ukrainian people must vote pro-Western politicians into the Rada, the national parliament, because only it has the political power to set the direction of the country. Unless Kiev implements Western economic and political policies, any aid from the West will be squandered.

Concomitant with this expression of commitment for Westernizing Ukraine, the European Union under the leadership of Berlin must provide financial and humanitarian assistance for Ukraine. That assistance would include (1) immediately building temporary shelters for all the internally displaced people, (2) providing ready-to-eat meals for them, etc. We Westerners must show the awesome power of Western compassion to the Ukrainians -- especially, the pro-Russians Ukrainians.

Tokyo, which is usually a laggard in promoting Westernization, can help to boost the Ukrainian economy by providing financial incentives to Japanese companies to establish factories in eastern Ukraine. As a manufacturing base, it can serve as an alternative to China, in which anti-Japanese sentiment is rife. Further, after Kiev bans all military exports to Russia, the workers who become unemployed can find employment at these new Japanese factories.

The nations of the West must help to bring Ukraine into the Western fold, for we are stronger with her than we are without her.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Dysfunctional Hong Kong

According to a report by the "Wall Street Journal" (WSJ), 163,000 Hong Kongers marched through downtown on 2014 July 1 and demanded democratic governance. They constituted 2.28% of the population. The strength of this protest is much weaker than the strength of the successful protest (attended by 500,000 people, constituting 3.21% of the population) in Prague in 1990 November.

There is an even more notable difference between Hong Kongers and Czechoslovakians. Specifically, for the 10-year period prior to the 1997 handover of Hong Kong to mainland China, the Hong Kongers had plenty of time to clamor for establishing an independent Republic of Hong Kong that would have guaranteed human rights and democracy. Yet, during this 10-year period, no group in Hong Kong ever held demonstrations demanding independence and its accompanying guarantee of civil liberties.

Rather, the Hong Kongers strongly supported Chinese nationalism, and according to a CNN/Time poll on 1997 June 26, more than 60% of the Hong Kongers enthusiastically supported unification. Further, 50% preferred social order over democracy. On the very night of the handover, huge crowds of Hong Kongers enthusiastically participated in Beijing-sponsored celebrations.

Neither the Czechs nor the Slovaks would ever celebrate being ruled by an authoritarian government.

According to a recent report by the WSJ, roughly 100,000 Hong Kongers rallied in downtown on 2014 August 17 to applaud Beijing's suppressing democracy in Hong Kong.

Neither the Czechs nor the Slovaks would ever applaud an authoritarian government's suppressing democracy in their society.

The ugly conclusion is that whereas the Eastern Europeans succeeded at creating democratic societies (in the Czech Republic and Slovakia), the Hong Kongers will fail.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Dysfunctional Thailand

According to a recent report by "The Economist", the army rules Thailand with an iron fist. Why is it a dysfunctional nation while the Czech Republic is a prosperous Western democracy?

On 1989 November 25, when 500,000 Czechoslovakians gathered in Prague to demand the resignation of the authoritarian government and to call for democratization, these brave souls accepted the risk of being killed by the secret police. Their bravery helped them to prevail. The government soon transferred power to pro-democracy politicians, and in June of the following year, the first free elections since 1946 installed a new democratic government.

This courage to face down authoritarianism is absent in Thailand. Though the overwhelming majority of its citizens want to build a Western democracy like Japan, they silently cower in fear while the army controls society with an iron grip.

Building a democracy is risky business, for its costs may include fatalities. The Czechoslovakians were willing to pay that price, and today both the Czech Republic and Slovakia are prosperous democracies. By contrast, the Thais refuse to pay that price, and Thailand remains a land frozen in authoritarianism.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Ugliness of Chinese Values in Thailand

In a beauty pageant on May 17, Weluree Ditsayabut won the privilege to represent Thailand in the international beauty pageant that selects Miss Universe. Ditsayabut has great external beauty but has great internal ugliness. Being indifferent to the struggles of underprivileged people, she requested that the military kill all members of the pro-democracy group known as the "Red Shirts". According to a recent report, she supports imprisoning and killing anyone who criticizes the royal family. This barbaric attitude is widespread among Chinese people and appears increasingly to be exhibited by many Thais.

According to another report, Ditsayabut surrendered the privilege of representing Thailand in the beauty contest for Miss Universe. Does she understand that Chinese values are not appropriate in Thailand?

Saturday, June 07, 2014

Are the Thais Inferior to the Europeans?

According to a recent report by the "Wall Street Journal",

Songsuda Yodmanee, chairwoman of Thailand's American University Alumni Association, in a news conference on Sunday, accused Washington of meddling, warning that it could damage relations between the two countries, which are treaty allies. 'Thailand has never been colonized by anyone, and we will continue to maintain our independence and liberty,' she said.

A Thai badminton club meanwhile earlier this week withdrew from tournaments in the U.S and Australia in protest of the two countries' criticism of the coup, according to a statement on its Facebook page.

In other words, some Thais support the coup. Such support suggests that Asians differ, culturally and genetically, from Europeans.

A key assumption of Western philosophy is that all human beings have an innate desire to live in a free society, which is democratic with the rule of law. The actions of the pro-coup Thais suggest that this assumption is false. It is not true for all people but rather is true for only the people of European ancestry.

How do Europeans respond to an authoritarian government? The incident in Czechoslovakia on 1989 November 25 is instructive. On that date, 500,000 Czechoslovakians (who constituted 3% of the population of Czechoslovakia) risked their lives to assemble in Prague to demand the resignation of the Kremlin-backed authoritarian government. Many people in the crowd were students from the universities. The protestors were prepared to die to liberate Czechoslovakia.

If you are a student at a Thai university, ask yourself, "Are the Thais inferior to the Europeans?" If the answer is "no", then please explain why millions of Thais have not assembled in Bangkok to seize power from the army that overthrew the democratically elected government of Yingluck Shinawatra. Where are the Thais who will kill the royalist soldiers, the royal family, Suthep Thaugsuban, and the other members of the anti-democratic groups destroying Thai society?

A foreign power is not imposing the current authoritarian government onto the people of Thailand. They themselves created this monstrosity. They can destroy it when they want to do so. However, thus far, the Thais have refused to forcefully oppose the coup. Unlike the vocal Czechoslovakians, the Thais are mostly silent.

If you are a student at a Thai university, prove to yourself that the Thai people are the equals of the Europeans. You lead the movement to liberate Thailand. You lead the movement to kill the royalist soldiers, the royal family, Suthep Thaugsuban, and the other members of the anti-democratic groups destroying Thai society. You show the world that Thailand, unlike China, has the soul of a Western nation.

Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Chance for the Ukrainians to Succeed

Among the candidates in the presidential election that ended on May 26, Petro Poroshenko is most likely to Westernize Ukraine. As a businessman, he likely understands the need for the rule of law. As a devout Christian, he likely understands that he must act morally. Here, the use of "likely" is apt because we cannot know with certainty how he will act. We do not know him personally.

The temporary loss of Crimea and the military conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine have been beneficial for its future because millions of people in those areas could not vote and, hence, could not have helped to elect an anti-Western thug like Viktor Yanukovych. The election of a pro-Western president like Poroshenko was assured.

According to a recent report, with a humble spirit, he has reached out to the anti-Western (i.e., pro-Russian) citizens in the eastern regions, and he has reached out to the bitterly anti-Western thugs in Russia. This approach will help to ensure a period of stability in which the Ukrainians can modernize their economy.

Poroshenko is the Thaksin Shinawatra of Ukraine.

What can the people of Thailand learn from the Ukrainians who have the courage to fight -- and die -- for democracy? Will the Thais have the courage to confront -- and possibly kill -- the anti-democratic forces (e.g., the royal family and the thousands of ethnic Chinese who tried to shutdown Bangkok) which have enslaved their nation?