Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Greatest Society in Human History

European culture (also known as Western culture) and European genetics have created societies with the highest quality of life in human history. Many residents of nations or territories outside the West want to live permanently in the West.

A poignant example of this truth appears in a report by "The New York Times". During a meeting with the German public, a Palestinian girl begged Chancellor Angela Merkel to allow her family to stay permanently in German. This girl is one of hundreds of thousands of refugees who annually seek refuge in Germany, according to a report on July 16 and another report on July 17. Merkel told her that Berlin cannot allow every refugee to stay in Germany, but Berlin eventually granted asylum to this Palestinian girl.

The Germans expect all residents of Germany to assimilate into Western culture.

Tuesday, July 07, 2015

Greeks Want Free Money

"The New York Times" presents (1) a summary of the key issues in the Greek crisis and (2) an assessment of the choices for Europe.

For the past 5 years, the political leaders of the creditor nations avoided asking their citizens to approve giving their money (in the form of bailouts) to the Greeks. Nonetheless, the governments of the creditor nations gave billions of euros to Greece.

According to a report by "The Economist", in a referendum on Sunday (July 5), the Greeks overwhelmingly declared that they (1) want more money from the taxpayers in the creditor nations (of which most are located in northern Europe) but (2) refuse to reform the economic and political system in Greece. The synonym for "reform" is "austerity". In the above photograph are thousands of Greeks joyously demanding this free money from the rest of Europe.

Now is the time for the citizens of Germany, Finland, and other creditor nations to resolutely express their opinion of being forced to give money to the Greeks. If you are a citizen of these countries, you must immediately contact (via e-mail, phone, personal visit, etc.) the office of the prime minister and the offices of the members of parliament (MPs). You must firmly tell your prime minister and your MPs to cease contributing any money to any bailout for Greece.

If you remain silent, you will allow the Greeks to frame the discussion in the media. Your silence will only facilitate forcibly transferring even more of your money to the Greeks. You must vociferously oppose any more money for Greece and, hence, give the necessarily political support to all politicians with the power to expel Greece from the Eurozone.

Sunday, June 28, 2015

End of the Line for Greece

According to a report by "The Economist", Alexis Tsipras, the prime minister of Greece, terminated further negotiations with the troika -- European Commission, European Central Bank (ECB), and International Monetary Fund (IMF) -- on June 26 and will submit their last proposal to a national referendum which will be held on July 5. He is gambling that this referendum will pressure the troika to present a more palatable proposal.

In response, the finance ministers of the Eurozone canceled plans to release €16.3 billion to Athens. Without those funds, it will not be able to repay €1.5 billion to the IMF.

The exit of Greece from the Eurozone is near.

We should not feel sorry for the Greeks. They deliberately destroyed their own nation by, for example, refusing to pay taxes. According to a report by the "Wall Street Journal", unpaid taxes amount to approximately €76 billion.

The ECB should immediately cease increasing the emergency liquidity assistance (ELA) to Greek banks and, hence, force Athens to impose capital controls. Any additional financial assistance to Greece will only be squandered its citizens until they make a genuine commitment to fixing their culture of dishonesty and laziness.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Compassion: the West Versus China

Dori Samadzai Bonner was born in Afghanistan in 1977 and, at the age of 10, fled with her family to the United States. Her father appealed to an American immigration judge to obtain political asylum. Listen to her story about their day in court.

Representing the compassion of the citizens, Western governments often grant political asylum to refugees who would be tortured or killed upon returning to their native lands.

By contrast, the Chinese government (in Beijing), representing the barbarism of its citizens, regularly sends refugees back to torture and ultimate death in North Korea.

Chinese "morality" assaults Western notions of right and wrong. As the Chinese economy expands, its people will export their "morality" to the rest of the world. Just as the Chinese ignore the cries of the Southeast Asians who work themselves to death in sweatshops run by Chinese bosses, the Chinese will ignore the cries of the victims brutalized by the authoritarian governments whom Beijing bribes with money and weapons.

There is precedent for this atrocious behavior. The Chinese supported the Khmer Rouge financially and militarily. It then proceeded to massacre 1.7 million Cambodians.

Tuesday, June 09, 2015

The National Election in Turkey

According to a report by "The Economist", the Justice and Development Party (AKP) of President Recep Tayyip Erdogan received 42% of the vote in the national election on June 7. Consequently, AKP will likely fail at obtaining passage of legislation that converts the current system of government into a presidential system. Although such a system is not necessarily inappropriate, it might encourage Erdogan to transform Turkey into a Middle-Eastern version of Russia.

Understanding the risk that Turkey might become an autocracy under Erdogan, a significant percentage of Turks voted against the AKP. This electoral outcome increases the probability that Turkey will be admitted into the European Union (EU).

What would increase the probability even more is Ankara's helping Kiev to crush the Kremlin-backed militants in eastern Ukraine. Suppose that Turkish soldiers wearing uniforms without insignias indicating their country of origin (1) entered eastern Ukraine, (2) slaughtered the Ukrainian militants and the Russian "volunteer" soldiers, and (3) captured several of the Russian officers in or near Ukraine (on the Russian side of the border). Such Turkish intervention would solve a significant problem for the EU and, hence, would win European votes for Turkish membership in the EU.

Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Chinese Threat to the West

According to a report by "The Economist", Beijing has warned Washington to keep its reconnaissance aircraft away from some islands located in the South China Sea and claimed by several national governments in Southeast Asia. The Chinese military is busily trying to build a military base (on which will be parked modern jet fighters) on the islands.

Most Chinese, including the folks in Hong Kong, favor nationalism over human rights or democracy. In private conversations, the Chinese living in the USA cheer Beijing as it asserts its claims over some islands in the South China Sea. These Chinese hope that Beijing will defeat the West in both the economic sphere and the military sphere.

Washington must do 2 things with regards to Chinese belligerence. First, Washington must curtail -- or even halt -- all Chinese immigration into the USA. Second, a battle group of American and Japanese warships should challenge Beijing by passing within 2 miles of the disputed islands. If the Chinese jet fighters activate their targeting systems in order to "scare" the Westerners away, then the Japanese jet fighters should shoot down all the Chinese aircraft.

The Chinese understand only 1 thing: Western military might.

Saturday, February 28, 2015

The Death of a Russian

According to a report by "The Economist", Boris Nemtsov was murdered on February 27 by assassins while the security services of the Kremlin witnessed the crime. Nemtsov is an opposition politician. "The Economist" described him in the following way.

Almost unique among Russian politicians, Mr Nemtsov remained scrupulously honest and sincere throughout his political career. He earned no riches, and at age 53 returned to grassroots politics, winning election as a deputy in the local council in Yaroslavl. Physically fit, he considered himself a marathon runner in politics. Mr Nemtsov could fairly claim to have spent his life guided by values rather than interests or ideology.

According to a report by the "New York Times", Nemtsov was preparing to publish a pamphlet illustrating Russian involvement in the Ukrainian conflict. He appears to have uncovered some sensitive information, and it convinced a faction in the Kremlin to kill him.

Though the majority of Russians are indifferent to his death, some Russians like Mikhail Shishkin mourn his death. Shishkin knows that evil pervades Russia, and he describes the evil in the following way in his essay in the "New York Times".

In the 16th year of his rule, President Vladimir V. Putin has achieved everything a dictator could strive for. His people love him; his enemies fear him. He has created a regime that rests not on the shaky paragraphs of a constitution but on the unshakable laws of the vassal’s personal loyalty to his sovereign, from the bottom to the top of the pyramid of power. [...] It is impossible to breathe in a country where the air is permeated with hatred. Much hatred has always been followed in history by much blood. What awaits my country? Transformation into a gigantic version of Ukraine’s eastern Donbass region?

Saturday, January 10, 2015

The Military Posture of Japan

According to a report by the "New York Times", the Japanese government has committed ¥4.98 trillion for military spending in 2015. That amount represents a 2% increase of the defense budget for the previous fiscal year.

Part of the defense budget is allocated for the development of the ATD-X, which appears in the above picture. The ATD-X is a scaled-down prototype of the first fifth-generation jet fighter designed by Japanese engineers. According to a recent report, the first flight of the prototype has been delayed due to a software problem; nonetheless, the prototype will be airborne by the end of 2015. The ATD-X is a test platform for evaluating new technologies like materials for minimizing a radar signature.

The ATD-X provides invaluable experience to the engineers who will design the i3 Fighter. It will be the replacement for the F-2 jet fighter if Tokyo chooses to use a domestically designed aircraft.

As Tokyo strengthens its military posture, the national government should ensure moral clarity in any future armed conflict. Such moral clarity can be achieved, in part, by (1) nationalizing the Yasukuni Shrine, (2) removing the war criminals enshrined there, and (3) transforming the nearby museum into a memorial of the non-Japanese and Japanese victims of war. The current state of the Yasukuni Shrine and its nearby museum, which glorifies the barbarism of the Japanese Imperial Army, disrespects the victims of World War II.

Tuesday, January 06, 2015

The Westernization Tsunami

In the above picture is Leung Chun-ying, the chief executive of Hong Kong. Using the strong arm of state power, he has threatened to arrest supporters of democracy if they dared to blockade the streets again. The pro-democracy protestors are demanding that Beijing allow free and fair elections of the chief executive. According to a report by "The New York Times" and a report by the "Daily Mail", the Hong-Kong government (with the full support of Beijing) rejects their demands.

This conflict between pro-Chinese Hong Kongers and pro-Westernization Hong Kongers will likely end in defeat for the latter group. Most Chinese oppose democracy and human rights. This opposition is the reason that China remains an authoritarian society. No foreign power is imposing this system on the Chinese; rather, they created it themselves.

What can the minority who favor Westernization do in Hong Kong? They can fight Chinese society in 2 ways. The risky way is to use violence against the government. When it sends the police to arrest the pro-Westernization supporters, they can defend themselves by physically striking -- and killing -- the police.

The less risky way is to attack Chinese culture via the following concrete steps.

  1. All pro-democracy and pro-human rights groups merge into a single political organization called "The Westernization Tsunami" (TWT). Why is "Tsunami" in the name? See the answer below.

  2. The TWT declares that all its members renounce their identity as ethnic Chinese and that they reject Chinese culture.

  3. The TWT declares that it supports transforming Hong Kong into an independent country: the Republic of Hong Kong.

  4. The TWT declares that Japan is an example of how a formerly Asian society can become a Western society and that the TWT supports all the territorial claims asserted by Tokyo.

  5. The TWT invites Tokyo to use its political and military power to promote Westernization across Southeast Asia.

The "Tsunami" in the name of TWT represents the inherent power of Western values in prevailing over Chinese values and acknowledges the success of Japan as a Western society. The existence of TWT would shock the typical Chinese into asking, for the first time in his life, whether Chinese culture really is barbaric.

Thursday, December 25, 2014

Christian Transformation of China

In the above photo, the women dressed as helpers of Santa Claus represent the new generation of Chinese. Unlike the previous generation, the new generation enjoy the festivities of Western holidays. The most popular holiday is Christmas. On December 25, many Chinese exchange gifts and gather with their families and friends to eat dinner at a restaurant. Most Chinese do not know the religious meaning of Christmas: it is a celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ. For most Chinese, Christmas is just a time to relax and to enjoy the season.

The government in Beijing opposes this secular celebration because it, someday, might become a religious celebration of Christmas. If such a transformation occurred, then the full power of Western justice (which is partially based on Christian notions of morality) would overthrow the existing Chinese government.

To understand the threat that Christianity poses to the Chinese government is to understand the difference between Christian behavior and traditional Chinese behavior. Consider how Christianity might have changed history on 1989 June 4.

On that day, hundreds of thousands of people assembled in Tiananmen Square and were protesting against the government in favor of human rights and democracy. Beijing ordered its soldiers to hunt down and kill the protestors. Being typical Chinese, the soldiers dutifully obeyed the orders. They murdered several hundred protestors.

Now, suppose that those soldiers were not typical Chinese. Suppose that those soldiers where devout Christians. They would have disobeyed the orders of the politicians. Instead of killing innocent civilians, the soldiers would have seized the government buildings, taken control of the government, and begun the process for holding free and fair elections.

In other words, Frosty the Snowman in the photo below could be the catalyst

for changing the traditional Chinese mindset (illustrated in the following photo, which shows typical Chinese helping the government to hinder the celebration of Christmas) into the Western mindset.

Interestingly, China has approximately 100 million Christians but only approximately 85 million members of the Chinese Communist Party (CCP). Consequently, according to a recent report by "The New York Times", some Chinese in the CCP believe that "the growing prevalence of Christmas is a tinsel-draped Trojan horse that aims to subvert traditional Chinese culture". Is a social and, possibly, a military revolution around the corner?