Tuesday, June 06, 2017

Open Borders

According to a report published by "The Economist", "Both Mrs May and Mr Corbyn would each in their own way step back from [...] open borders [...]."

"Open borders" is tantamount to national suicide. Some ethnic or racial groups lack either the intellect or the will to assimilate into Western society. Via "open borders", members of such groups enter the West. Their presence ruins the quality of life.

Here are 2 examples.

On April 22, a group of approximately 50 African and Hispanic youths seized a light-rail train in Oakland (United States), assaulted the passengers, and stole their money and other possessions, according to an essay published by the "Santa Monica Observer".

On June 3, a group of 2 Moroccans and 1 Pakistani drove their van into a group of pedestrians in London (Great Britain). The thugs left the van and used knives to stab customers in nearby bars and restaurants. An eyewitness stated, "a woman probably in her early 20s staggered into the pub and she was bleeding heavily from the neck and from her mouth. It appeared to myself and my friends that her throat had been cut.", according to a report published by "The Washington Post". Detailed information about the background of the 3 thugs is available in a report published by "The Telegraph".

We should immediately close the borders of all Western countries and restrict entry to only immigrants who will assimilate into Western society.

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