Monday, March 06, 2017

Marine Le Pen and Multicultural Pluralism

According to a report by "The Economist", "local opponents accuse [the mayor of Cogolin] of financing his development plans in 'opaque' ways and an 'ideological' hostility to cultural diversity, such as North African songs or dances in schools."

Whenever a reporter writes words like "African", "Hispanic", or "Middle Easterner", he usually also writes a defense of or praise for "cultural diversity" or "multicultural pluralism". This phenomenon appears on both sides of the Atlantic Ocean.

We must be honest with ourselves. Western culture and Western civilization are superior to all other cultures and civilizations. The proof of this fact appears in Japan. Its people embraced Westernization and transformed their island into one of the richest nations in the world.

By contrast, the peoples in African nations, Middle-Eastern nations, and Hispanic nations (in Latin America) reject Westernization, and those nations are economically poor, have high rates of violent crime, or have authoritarian societies. That is the ugly truth of non-Western civilizations. [1]

Marine Le Pen, like Donald Trump, repeatedly asserts that Western values are superior to African, Middle-Eastern, or Hispanic values. She is asserting the truth.

She deserves the utmost praise for speaking truth to elitist power.

Africans and Hispanics in the United States reject assimilation and demand special privileges that are denied to Americans of Asian or European ancestry. According to a report by the "Los Angeles Times", Africans (and, to a lesser degree, Hispanics) are over-represented among students who use willful defiance to disrupt the meeting of a class. Under political pressure from African and Hispanic organizations, the school boards in the Los Angeles Unified School District and other districts have terminated the use of suspension (or any other punishment) for forcing the disrupters to behave properly.

According to a report by the "New York Times", Africans and Hispanics are over-represented among students who fail a literacy test for employment as a teacher in elementary and secondary schools. Under pressure from African and Hispanic organizations, the Board of Regents of New York terminated the use of the literacy test.

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