Wednesday, February 15, 2017

Impact of the Travel Ban on the United States

Recently, President Donald Trump signed several executive orders that restrict travel from some anti-Western nations like Iran. The writer of an essay published by "The Economist" alleges that this travel ban has reduced travel to the United States from countries that were not targeted by the ban. The writer does qualify his allegations and states, "It is hard to separate the ban completely from other factors currently affecting travel to America. The dollar has strengthened against currencies such as the euro and the yuan since the election, making it more expensive to visit the United States."

How can we be sure that the travel ban will only minimally and temporarily reduce travel to the United States?

First, the strengthening of the dollar is a vote of confidence in the executive orders signed by Trump. Foreigners buy dollars (thus boosting its value) because they believe that his political policies will improve the quality of life in our nation. An improved quality of life surely attracts more travel to the United States.

Second, from 1945 to the present day, the government of Japan has aggressively enforced strict immigration laws, including prompt deportation of illegal aliens. The Japanese laws are stricter than even the immigration policies proposed or implemented (via executive orders) by Trump.

Yet, millions of tourists still flock to Japan. They particularly enjoy the relatively crime-free environment there. If you lose your wallet, then some anonymous Japanese citizen will find it and give it to the police. A policeman will locate you and return the wallet to you. It will contain all the money that was originally in it.

If Trump succeeds at using his immigration policies to increase the percentage of pro-Western citizens to nearly 100% of the American population, then the United States will become the pleasant sort of place that exists in Japan and Germany (before it was inundated by anti-Western immigrants). The number of tourists to the United States will actually increase.

Trump's executive orders (which reduce the number of anti-Western immigrants) are the right start.

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