Wednesday, December 28, 2016


According to a report by the "New York Times" (NYT), a report by TMZ, and a report (which is partially based on a report by TMZ) by "USA Today", Carrie Fisher suffered a heart attack during the remaining 15 minutes of a flight on a United Airlines jet from London to Los Angeles on December 23. Upon arrival at the destination, she was transported to the emergency room of a hospital within the UCLA Medical Center. Later, she was transferred to the intensive care unit (ICU). She died in the ICU at 8:55 a.m on December 27 (Tuesday).

Most Westerners remember Fisher for her role as Princess Leia in Star Wars. In addition to being an actress, she was also an accomplished writer. The author of an essay published by the NYT suggests that you remember Fisher by reading her many books.

During the final 2 decades of her life, she had established a close relationship with her mother, Debbie Reynolds. According to a report by "People", Reynolds on December 28 told her son that she deeply missed his sister and wanted to be with her in death. Several hours later, Reynolds suffered a stroke and also died, according to a report by the NYT and a report by TMZ.

Reynolds was a classy lady and represented an American era that is fading away. (The new American era is represented by people like Ariana Grande. According to a report by CNN, she relished using her saliva to contaminate some doughnuts that were later purchased by unwitting customers.)

We at regret the passing of both Fisher and Reynolds. We hope to "meet" them soon.

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