Saturday, November 12, 2016

Make America Great Again!

The Democratic elites, the Republican elites, the news media, Wall Street, and Silicon Valley (with its horde of South Asian supremacists) joined forces to defeat Donald John Trump, but he prevailed on November 8 to become the 45th president of the United States. According to a report by "The Economist" and a report by "The Washington Post", European-American voters in the working class gave him the necessary victories in the rust belt: Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin.

European-Americans in the working class have been abandoned by the elites in Washington. For example, according to a report by "Salon", "a 2012 study concluded that between 1990 and 2008, white women who had attained only a high school education saw their lifespans shrink by five years." Free trade robbed these women of jobs with decent pay. Meanwhile, Washington diverted its resources toward helping Africans and Hispanics due to the power of the Democratic Party. Forgotten by the Republican and Democratic elites, these women drowned in drugs, alcohol, and their own despair.

The working class needs Trump to help them, and according to a report by NPR, expects that Trump will implement his populist agenda.

After Trump takes the Oath of Office, he must immediately replace the Affordable Care Act (ACA) with single-payer national health care (SPNHC). For many years before he entered the presidential race, he supported SPNHC. Senator Mitch McConnell specifically mentioned Trump's support of SPNHC when McConnell tried to prevent Trump from becoming the Republican nominee.

With the money that we save from forcing our military allies to pay their fair share of military defense, we can afford SPNHC, but the Republican elites in Congress may try to force Trump to replace ACA with nothing. We should ally with the supporters of Bernie Sanders, and together, we should organize protests in support of SPNHC.

According to report after report by "The Economist", the elites expect Trump to fail and to betray his supporters. He should prove them wrong just as he proved them wrong when they expected him to lose the election.

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