Saturday, July 30, 2016

Callous Indifference is Lethal

According to a report by ABC News, the Accountability Review Board concluded that staff at the Department of State under the leadership of Hillary Clinton had acted negligently. This negligence resulted in the death of Christopher Stevens, the ambassador to Libya.

To understand Clinton's role in his death, we must go back to 2008. After losing the Democratic nomination to Barack Obama in 2008, Hillary Clinton decided that she would try again in 2012 (if Obama did not win the election of 2008) and in 2016.

After Obama won the election of 2008, he fulfilled his promise (in return for her support during the election) to give her a prominent position in his government. She became the Secretary of State. Her goal at the Department of State was to avoid making any change in the department in order to ensure that such change could never be used against her in the election of 2016. She maintained the status quo and used her job at the Department of State to only burnish her resume.

What she did not anticipate was the dangerous situation which arose in Libya due to her (and Obama's) support for the successful British and French military operation that dismantled the government of Libya. The ensuing power vacuum there was filled by violent chaos, which would eventually kill Ambassador Christopher Stevens.

Consequently, Hillary Clinton is not qualified to be president.

How can you be sure that she is not qualified for the presidency? Read a recent blog, written by "The Economist" and presenting the facts surrounding Benghazi. Then, ask yourself, "If Chelsea Clinton (the daughter of Hillary Clinton) instead of Christopher Stevens had been the ambassador to Libya, would Hillary Clinton have acted differently and would she have run the Department of State differently in order to ensure that the ambassador is safe from harm?"

If your answer to this question is "Yes", then Clinton is morally disqualified from being president. Vote against Hillary Clinton in the presidential election.

Clinton's callous indifference to "unimportant" people resulted in the death of Christopher Stevens.

George W. Bush, Hillary Clinton, and Barack Obama are globalists. Bush ruined Iraq. Clinton (and Obama) ruined Libya. Libya is Clinton's Iraq.

The soul of Christopher Stevens cries in agony from the grave.

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