Friday, July 29, 2016

Asking the Right Questions

According to a blog and another blog by "The Economist", Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton have become the presidential nominees of the Republican Party and the Democratic Party, respectively.

Between now and November 8, operatives from both parties will be bombarded you with political propaganda. The operatives play you for a fool. They correctly believe that imagery and messaging can change a negative vote into an affirmative vote for their presidential candidate.

Do not be a chump. Judge every candidate by only his political positions on the issues before he announced his candidacy for the presidency. If a candidate changes his position after announcing his candidacy, then he is lying. His true position is the pre-announcement position, not the post-announcement position.

If operatives for the campaign of Hillary Clinton accost you in the shopping center, the grocery store, etc., then ask them 2 questions.

  1. What are the negative aspects of Hillary Clinton?
  2. If Chelsea Clinton (the daughter of Hillary Clinton) instead of Christopher Stevens had been the ambassador to Libya, would Hillary Clinton have acted differently and would she have run the Department of State differently in order to ensure that the ambassador is safe from harm? (Read a recent blog at , written by "The Economist" and presenting the facts surrounding Benghazi.)

Refusing to answer both questions means that the operative is a slick liar and an aggressive fraud. Vote against Hillary Clinton.

Answering "yes" to the second question means that Hillary Clinton does not care about "unimportant" people like Christoper Stevens. In other words, Clinton is disqualified from being president. Vote against Hillary Clinton.

Question 2 is particularly important. It forces the operative and you to look at the whole picture of Clinton's actions. Clinton did not violate any law: callous indifference to "unimportant" people is not a crime. Yet, could she have run the Department of State differently so that Stevens would be alive today? For many people (including Democrats, Republicans, and the Greens), the answer is "Yes". Answering "Yes" means that Clinton is morally disqualified from the being president.

If the operative says, "No", to question 2, then ask yourself the same question. If you answer, "Yes", then your "Yes" is the only answer that counts. You must vote against Hillary Clinton.

The soul of Christopher Stevens cries in agony from the grave.

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