Sunday, March 13, 2016

The Brown Threat to the United States

As the popularity of Donald Trump grows, protesters will increasingly sneak into the crowd at his rallies in order to disrupt them. According to a report by Fox News, Trump canceled a rally on March 11 (Friday) in Chicago because protesters used aggressive tactics to disrupt the event; they refused to respect freedom of speech and assembly. The behavior of the protesters is grossly unfair to Trump. If the protesters dislike Trump's speech, then they should not listen to it. No one is forcing the protesters to hear it.

The protesters should not be allowed to prevent the supporters of Trump from hearing and enjoying his speeches. If the protesters wish to protest, then they should do so outside the perimeter of his rallies.

Freedom of speech and assembly is a fundamental right in the West. Yet, some Americans object to this fundamental right and deliberately obstruct Trump's exercising this right.

From where do such obstructionists come? Examine the faces of the obstructionists in the 2 photos at the start of this essay. "The Telegraph" provided the first photo, and "The Washington Post" provided the second photo. Examine the other photos in the report by the latter news organization. Read the report by the "Los Angeles Times".

What can we conclude? First and foremost, few (if any) of the protesters are Americans with ancestries from Japan and other countries in East Asia. The overwhelming majority of Americans with such ancestries assimilate into American society and, moreover, respect freedom of speech and assembly.

The same cannot be said about some other ethnic groups. Look closely at the aforementioned photos. Read the descriptions of the protesters in reports by the "Wall Street Journal" and other reputable news organizations. Determine which ethnic groups are over-represented (relative to their sizes in the overall American population) among the protesters and compare the behavior of these ethnic groups to the behavior of Americans of East-Asian ancestry.

This difference in behavior among ethnic groups is justification for (1) our being extremely concerned about unrestricted immigration and (2) our limiting or even prohibiting immigration from certain countries.

In other words, the obstructionists with ancestries from (1) Africa, (2) Central and South America, and (3) the Middle East are over-represented among the protesters. Limiting or prohibiting immigration from these regions of the globe is in the first best interest of Americans. Immigrants from these lands cause the same problem (in the United States) that they (from the 1st and 3rd regions) cause in France and the rest of Europe. Such immigrants threaten the foundation of Western civilization.

Marine Le Pen of France is right. So is Donald J. Trump of the United States.

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