Wednesday, March 16, 2016

An Open Letter to the German Defense Minister

Dear Defense Minister Ursula von der Leyen:

During your recent speech in the United States, a representative of asked 3 members of your security detail to pass the following message to you.

Germany has the highest quality of life in the Western world. To preserve the quality of that life, the Germans must carefully handle the immigration into their country.

With regards to the refugees who are fleeing to Germany, you stated (during your speech) that the crux of the problem is (1) that without stability (and security), there is no economic opportunities (and prosperity) and (2) that without economic opportunities (and prosperity), there is no stability (and security). So, how can this problem be solved?

The solution is not to open the German borders to anti-Western refugees or, in general, anti-Western immigrants. The solution is to impose Westernization (also known as modernization) on those territories producing millions of people who want to flee to the West.

How can Berlin westernize those territories?

In 1895, the Japanese military seized Taiwan and modernized it. After Japanese society, Taiwanese society achieved the second highest standard of living in Asia at the time. Many Taiwanese express admiration for the stunning Japanese achievements on their island.

The German military can do the same for its "near abroad". Consider the case of the refugees from Syria. The German military carves out a piece of land (in Syria) that is sufficiently small for the army to adequately control. Berlin diverts all refugees (and, in general, most immigrants) to this land and establishes a colonial government on it. The colonial government implements Western laws that define the political and economic system on the colony. Germany businesses which need additional labor sets up shop there. After 20 years of colonial rule, Berlin can transfer political power to a new government that is democratically elected by the residents of the colony.

This solution minimizes the problems for both the German people and the refugees. This solution addresses the refugee crisis at the source (i.e., Syria) instead of the destination (i.e., Germany). This solution is a permanent solution because it eliminates the conditions that cause millions of people to flee to the West.

The current solution is to open the German borders to the refugees and, hence, addresses the refugee crisis at the destination. This solution is not a permanent solution because it does not eliminate the conditions that cause millions of people to flee to the West. With the existing solution, desperate anti-Western people will continue to flee to the West in perpetuity. This non-permanent solution will flood Germany with anti-Western immigrants and will ruin German society -- as the criminal rampage (in which about 1000 male migrants molested and raped hundreds of German women) in Cologne on the eve of 2016 January 1 suggests. (reference: "Sexual assaults in Cologne: New year, new fear" by "The Economist")

Will you do what is right for Germany? Will you advocate using the German military to implement the aforementioned permanent solution to the immigration problem?

Warmest regards,

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