Thursday, February 11, 2016

The Popularity of Donald Trump

The essay by Tucker Carlson explains why Donald Trump is popular with many Republicans.

The author of the essay writes, "On immigration policy, party elders were caught completely by surprise. Even canny operators like Ted Cruz didn’t appreciate the depth of voter anger on the subject. And why would they? If you live in an affluent ZIP code, it’s hard to see a downside to mass low-wage immigration. Your kids don’t go to public school. You don’t take the bus or use the emergency room for health care. No immigrant is competing for your job."

In other words, such Republican elites as Jeb Bush have ignored the voice of the regular folks, but Trump has heard them and is affirming their concerns. The decisions made by the political elites do not negatively affect them, so they do not care about the consequences for the regular folks. Hence, the elites welcome massive immigration including H-1B workers. The problems caused by this immigration are endured by the regular folks, not people who have the money to put their kids in private school.

The elites also oppose national healthcare. Lack of national healthcare hurts the regular folks (of whom some are bankrupted by medical bills), not the people who have the money to buy German luxury cars. The elites oppose sharing some of their wealth in order to finance national healthcare, but these same elites favor sacrificing, in foreign wars like the Iraq war, the sons and daughters of regular folks. (Thousands of Americans died in the Iraq war for nothing. The elites never apologized.)

Donald Trump is the only Republican candidate who supports national healthcare.

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