Sunday, February 14, 2016

The Compassion of Donald Trump

To understand the compassion of Donald Trump is to understand what happened to Sandy Allen. She is the tall woman in the above photo, which shows her with her classmates in the fifth grade of elementary school.

"... Sandy [Allen] had been taken to a specialist as a pre-teen, who explained that she needed brain surgery [to remove a tumor], but as her family was uninsured, they simply didn’t return."

Due to the tumor, her pituitary gland produced an excessive amount of growth hormone. If she, as a young girl, had the necessary surgery to remove the tumor, then she would not have endured the horrible effects of gigantism.

She eventually grew to a height of 7 feet and 7.25 inches.

"Gigantism does not affect height only. 'It affects all organs,' [Doctor] Katznelson explains. 'It affects the heart. It can affect pancreatic function. Patients often have diabetes. Thyroid can be enlarged so they have goiters.' He lists ... what he terms 'co-morbidity' factors, including joint problems, sleep apnea, other hormonal deficiencies, depression. ... He summarizes, 'All acromegaly, including gigantism, begets premature mortality.'"

Sandy Allen could have avoided all this suffering if we Americans had established national health care back in the 1960s. Sandy Allen would have lived a normal life instead of dying prematurely.

The ruthless snakes who present themselves as Republican candidates for president and who oppose national health care believe that Sandy Allen deserved to suffer. These Republican candidates have used their office to prevent establishing national health care.

Among the Republican candidates, only Donald Trump supports national health care.

When you look at your children, imagine that one of them is Sandy Allen. Vote accordingly in the Republican primaries.

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