Saturday, January 16, 2016

Solving the Refugee Problem at the Source

In a recent report, "The Economist" summarized the brutal assault by Middle-Eastern and African men on German women.

Yet even as Mrs Merkel was speaking, about a thousand men, described by police as mainly migrants of north African or Arab origin, began massing between Cologne’s railway station and cathedral, where fireworks were about to begin. Around midnight they broke into clusters and formed huddles around women who had turned out to celebrate. They then set upon the women, harassing and groping them, stripping them of clothing and valuables. One victim was raped. Of the more than 600 women who have since come forward, many described the ordeal as "running the gauntlet".
We Westerners must reconsider how we deal with refugees.

There are 2 ways to show compassion to the refugees. One way is to open the borders and to allow every foreigner to enter Germany. This method poses a grave risk to Western society. The culture and the genetics of the refugees may be so inferior to the culture and genetics of the native Germans that the refugees will permanently wreck German society.

Yet, ignoring the suffering of the refugees is morally wrong. Although a large percentage of the refugees are violent thugs, most refugees are innocent people seeking a better way of life.

The second way -- and the better way -- is to use military and economic might to intervene aggressively in the countries that produce such refugees. Currently, the major source of refugees is Syria.

The Germany military should immediately bolster the Kurds who seek to carve out an independent country (i.e., the Republic of Kurdistan) from the territory of Syria. Berlin should establish a colonial government in Syria and return all the refugees back to their homes in what was once Syria. They will be safe in either the Republic of Kurdistan or the new German-controlled Syria, which omits the territory that would be part of Kurdistan.

The Japanese successfully transformed Taiwan from a backward, savage society into a modern one in the late 1800s. Many Taiwanese express great admiration for the Japanese success.

The Germans can do the same for Syria. The 1st step is to recognize that culture and genetics produce different behaviors across ethnic groups. The 2nd step is to recognize that the Kurds are the most pro-Western group in the Middle East and that they can build a Western nation there. The 3rd step is seize what remains of Syria (after the Kurds have taken part of its territory) and to put it under the control of the German-led colonial government.

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