Saturday, July 18, 2015

The Greatest Society in Human History

European culture (also known as Western culture) and European genetics have created societies with the highest quality of life in human history. Many residents of nations or territories outside the West want to live permanently in the West.

A poignant example of this truth appears in a report by "The New York Times". During a meeting with the German public, a Palestinian girl begged Chancellor Angela Merkel to allow her family to stay permanently in German. This girl is one of hundreds of thousands of refugees who annually seek refuge in Germany, according to a report on July 16 and another report on July 17. Merkel told her that Berlin cannot allow every refugee to stay in Germany, but Berlin eventually granted asylum to this Palestinian girl.

The Germans expect all residents of Germany to assimilate into Western culture.

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Anonymous said...

Considering that there is no real way of measuring this, you are being racist and prejudice. Some cultures may be more inferior than others but once you bring race into it you destroy your stance and arguments. You want people to assimilate into western society but then you say that other races are inferior. So what does that mean then? Are you contradicting yourself? Are you saying its futile for different races to live together? Because in-fact, quite a many different races have found a way to live together in the US, Canada, UK, Germany, etc. So people can assimilate even if they are from a different race. It has nothing to do with race then but with culture. Maybe you do not know what the definition of race is?