Thursday, May 28, 2015

The Chinese Threat to the West

According to a report by "The Economist", Beijing has warned Washington to keep its reconnaissance aircraft away from some islands located in the South China Sea and claimed by several national governments in Southeast Asia. The Chinese military is busily trying to build a military base (on which will be parked modern jet fighters) on the islands.

Most Chinese, including the folks in Hong Kong, favor nationalism over human rights or democracy. In private conversations, the Chinese living in the USA cheer Beijing as it asserts its claims over some islands in the South China Sea. These Chinese hope that Beijing will defeat the West in both the economic sphere and the military sphere.

Washington must do 2 things with regards to Chinese belligerence. First, Washington must curtail -- or even halt -- all Chinese immigration into the USA. Second, a battle group of American and Japanese warships should challenge Beijing by passing within 2 miles of the disputed islands. If the Chinese jet fighters activate their targeting systems in order to "scare" the Westerners away, then the Japanese jet fighters should shoot down all the Chinese aircraft.

The Chinese understand only 1 thing: Western military might.


Anonymous said...

How did that work out for the Korean War?

Anonymous said...

Blogger, who are you? You wrote about Japan and the West. Presumably you forget that Japan was the biggest and most brutal murderers during WW2 or any other war. Show yourself.