Thursday, October 16, 2014

Chinese Indifference Toward Democracy

According to a report by "The Economist" and another report by the "Wall Street Journal", progress on building democracy in Hong Kong has been slow.

The citizens of a territory -- a special administration region or a full-blown country -- can achieve democracy without bloodshed when the overwhelming majority of them support that goal. Such is the case in Eastern Europe in the 1990s.

Such is not the case in Hong Kong. Its wealthy citizens like the benefits of democracy. Indeed, these Hong Kongers emigrate to the West or send their adult children to the West to study in college and to obtain permanent jobs there. However, these same Hong Kongers refuse to support democracy in Hong Kong.

There is hypocrisy in Chinese society.

If you are a pro-democracy Hong Konger, you are in the minority. What can you do?

You should use violence against, specifically, the Chinese government and, generally, Chinese society.

At the same time, you should support Western efforts to suspend all immigration from Hong Kong (and the rest of Chinese society in China, Taiwan, etc.) to the West. By denying rich Hong Kongers entry to the West, you can force them to suffer the brutality of Chinese rule (in Hong Kong). Then, they will understand the need for supporting democracy.

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