Friday, September 12, 2014

Fighting the Russians

According to a recent report by "The Economist", before Kiev could defeat the pro-Russian separatists in eastern Ukraine, Russian troops entered Ukraine and turned the tide of battle. The Kremlin has created a frozen conflict in eastern Ukraine.

Western governments refuse to give modern weapons to Kiev. Instead, the West has resorted to economic sanctions. Although they may have an effect in the long term, they are ineffective in the short term. The Kremlin has shrugged them off and continues to foment chaos in eastern Ukraine.

Kiev should not expect any substantial help from the West. The Ukrainians must fend for themselves.

The Ukrainians can ally with Islamic extremists in Russia and help them to terrorize the Russian population. They refuse to be ruled by the Kremlin and want an independent Islamic nation to be carved out of the existing Russian territory. At the same time, the Ukrainians refuse to be ruled by the Kremlin and want an independent Ukraine. The 2 goals are similar.

Both goals can be achieved only by killing enough Russians. At the moment, few Russians feel the horror of war, so they enthusiastically support President Vladimir Putin as he sends Russian troops into eastern Ukraine. By helping the Islamic extremists to kill Russians in unexpected places (e.g., shopping malls and move theaters), Kiev can bring the horror of war from eastern Ukraine into the lives of ordinary Russians. When hundreds of Russians die daily (due to, say, suicide bombers), they will lose the stomach to maintain a military presence in Ukraine.

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