Monday, May 26, 2014

Another Chance for the Ukrainians to Succeed

Among the candidates in the presidential election that ended on May 26, Petro Poroshenko is most likely to Westernize Ukraine. As a businessman, he likely understands the need for the rule of law. As a devout Christian, he likely understands that he must act morally. Here, the use of "likely" is apt because we cannot know with certainty how he will act. We do not know him personally.

The temporary loss of Crimea and the military conflict in the eastern regions of Ukraine have been beneficial for its future because millions of people in those areas could not vote and, hence, could not have helped to elect an anti-Western thug like Viktor Yanukovych. The election of a pro-Western president like Poroshenko was assured.

According to a recent report, with a humble spirit, he has reached out to the anti-Western (i.e., pro-Russian) citizens in the eastern regions, and he has reached out to the bitterly anti-Western thugs in Russia. This approach will help to ensure a period of stability in which the Ukrainians can modernize their economy.

Poroshenko is the Thaksin Shinawatra of Ukraine.

What can the people of Thailand learn from the Ukrainians who have the courage to fight -- and die -- for democracy? Will the Thais have the courage to confront -- and possibly kill -- the anti-democratic forces (e.g., the royal family and the thousands of ethnic Chinese who tried to shutdown Bangkok) which have enslaved their nation?

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