Monday, January 20, 2014

Thailand: Perpetrators of the Spate of Violence

According to a recent report (published on 2014 January 20), the violence in Thailand continues. There have been explosions and gunfire.

Although we do not know, with certainty, the background of the assailants who tossed the grenades and who fired the guns, we can make an educated guess. Suthep Thaugsuban wants the military to stage a coup ousting Yingluck Shinawatra, and any large-scale violence will be used by the military to justify seizing control of Thailand. At the same time, the death of Thaugsuban (and other key members of the Democrat Party), the royal family (including the king), and the royalist soldiers would help the Thai people by preventing the overthrow of a democratic government.

Given these facts, the conclusion is obvious. If the violence (via the explosions and gunfire) had actually killed Thausuban, the king, the royalist soldiers, and other prominent impediments to the Westernization of Thailand, then a member of the pro-democracy group (known as the "Red Shirts") likely committed the violence.

Yet, the recent spate of violence did not remove these prominent roadblocks to Westernization but, instead, killed some ordinary citizens of Thailand. Therefore, a member of the anti-democracy group (known as the "Yellow Shirts" and lead by Thaugsuban) likely committed the violence. The members of the anti-democracy group are staging this violence and are sacrificing some of the supporters of Thaugsuban in order to lure the military into overthrowing the government of Shinawatra.


BangkokExpat said...

555 How much did Thaksin pay for this article?!

Somchai Saengpari said...

Bangkok expat has a valid question as it is well known that he has hired bloggers, lobbyists and more. You are supporting a totally corrupt regime that is robbing Thailand blind. Your knowledge of the Thai situation is minimal and this is a combination of many protest groups and individuals NOT the yellow shirts. They are there too but they are vastly outnumbered by the other protesters. I am Thai I am not an expat and I am very saddened by the bad western press coverage of our situation especially as you speak like you are some expert on it. Don't you think it is possible you are wrong?