Tuesday, January 07, 2014

Thailand: National Anti-Corruption Committee Tries to Destory the Pheu Thai Party

According to a recent report (published on 2014 January 7), the National Anti-Corruption Committee (NACC) has initiated steps to suspend or permanently ban 308 parliamentarians holding public office. Most of these politicians are members of the Pheu Thai Party (PTP). The NACC claims that these politicians acted illegally in approving an amendment (to the constitution) that would have made the Thai Senate fully elected. Currently, half of the senators are appointed by a committee of officials and judges.

Yet, the Senate in its present form is undemocratic. The unelected half of the Senate is populated by appointees who subvert the will of the voters by voting in accordance with the wishes of the authoritarian axis (AA): the royal family, the Democrat Party (which is the major opposition party), and the royalist soldiers. Because the Senate has the authority to approve membership of the Election Commission, the Constitutional Court, and the anti-corruption commission, the AA can use the Senate to wield power over much of the government.

By contrast, in Western democracies like Japan, the Senate is fully elected. Senators serve at the pleasure of the majority (of the voters), not an anti-democratic minority. So, the attempt by the PTP to make the Senate fully elected is reasonable and desirable.

Yet, the NACC claims that the 308 parliamentarians acted illegally in supporting this bill. The only explanation for this claim is that, in accordance with the wishes of the AA, the NACC is attempting to (1) destroy the PTP and (2) overthrow the government of Yingluck Shinawatra.

For decades, the AA has blocked the Westernization of Thailand.

If you are a student in a Thai university, then you understand that the Democrat Party, the royal family, and the royalist soldiers in the army are destroying any hope for Thailand to become a wealthy Western democracy like Japan. You also understand that in the newly Westernized nations of Eastern Europe, its university students were the strongest opponents of authoritarian governments during the era of Soviet domination. These students risked their lives to oppose politicians like Thaugsuban.

You, the student in a Thai university, cannot sit idly while politicians like Suthep Thaugsuban destroy Thailand. You must kill Thaugsuban and the entire royal family. Little time remains until the military stages a coup. You must act now.

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Lee Heng Lye Jerry said...

If Thaksin dare he comes back to face charges .
He can bring the Queen Counsel to fight for him.
He is too intelligent. Thailand would be better if representation in all aspects of Thai life by aristocrats, royalty, academics is represented.Not Thaksinomics.
The Solution.Thaksin to the Vote. Guilty or Amnesty.