Friday, January 03, 2014

Thailand: Anti-Western Forces Will Shutdown Bangkok

According to a recent report (published on 2014 January 3), Suthep Thaugsuban (in the above photograph) and his supporters will shutdown Bangkok. This action is a grave attempt to violently overthrow the democratically elected government of Thailand. Also, these thugs want the military to stage a coup ousting Yingluck Shinawatra.

To understand the barbarism of Thaugsuban and his supporters, consider the political system in Japan, the only Western democracy in Asia. For decades in Japan, the Liberal Democratic Party and its political allies received the majority of the votes and dominated the parliament. The opposition parties respected the wishes of the voters and did not attempt to violently overthrow the government.

Moreover, criticism of the emperor and the rest of the imperial family is legal. Such is the nature of a Western democracy.

By contrast, in Thailand, the major opposition party is the Democrat Party and does not respect the wishes of the voters, of whom the majority has supported the Pheu Thai Party (PTP) and its allies. Thaugsuban, a member of the Democrat Party, is leading protestors to violently overthrow the government run by the PTP.

Furthermore, criticism of the king and rest of the royal family is illegal. The king enthusiastically supports imprisoning his critics.

If you are a student in a Thai university, then you understand that the Democrat Party, the royal family, and the royalist soldiers in the army are destroying any hope for Thailand to become a wealthy Western democracy like Japan. You also understand that in the newly Westernized nations of Eastern Europe, its university students were the strongest opponents of authoritarian governments during the era of Soviet domination. These students risked their lives to oppose politicians like Thaugsuban.

You, the student in a Thai university, cannot sit idly while politicians like Suthep Thaugsuban destroy Thailand. You must kill Thaugsuban and the entire royal family. Little time remains until the military stages a coup. You must act now.

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